The Benefits of Choosing a Welding Company With ASME Certification

Jun 01 2016

If your car needed maintenance you would call upon a certified mechanic, and if you wanted to build a house you would contact a certified contractor. As with other jobs in skilled labor, it's important to choose a certified welder for your metal fabrication jobs. In the US, this certification is conducted by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. The society, known as ASME, is responsible for quality assurance of both products and personnel, ensuring internationally recognized standards for building codes, safety regulations, and environmental controls.

ASME Certified Personnel

Sample certification badgeWelders are certified based on skill and ability. Personnel are asked to perform specifically designed tests and are then evaluated on the quality of their weld based on criteria like:

  • welding process
  • type of metal
  • thickness
  • joint design
  • position
  • code compliance

Certification Helps Ensure Trust

The ASME certification process is conducted at the request of the federal government and ensures both quality workers and the use of best-practices within an organization. Each individual must meet uniform standards of competency, proving that they can do the job. ASME has worked for more than 100 years to ensure quality and safety in both personnel and products.

This tradition of independent and third-party evaluation of fabricators has helped to ensure the trust and acceptance of both consumers and government agencies. Certified equipment that is built in one jurisdiction can be more easily accepted and installed in additional locations with the knowledge that a high standard is being upheld.

Recognized for Safety

Hand holding Safety First Caution stickerCompanies can also be ASME Certified, representing the quality of the products they produce with the ASME mark. Companies using the ASME Certification Mark do so to designate that the stamped items conform to:

  • Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code (BPVC)
  • Bioprocessing Equipment Standards (BPE)
  • Reinforced Thermoset Plastic Corrosion-Resistant Equipment Standards (RTP-1)

This level of standard is accepted not just in the United States, but in an estimated
100+ countries as part of their government safety regulations. The ASME mark provides buyers and builders with a high degree of confidence that all the used items conform to established safety standards.

Safety Welding equipment masks and gloves
Benefits like quality, trust, and safety are important. These cornerstones of ASME certification benefit employees, business owners, and consumers. The standards of safety and quality help reduce on-the-job costs by eliminating losses due to injury and product damage. Wide acceptance of the ASME mark also helps to ensure that items meet local codes, satisfying government requirements. ASME Certification Mark even enables easy transport of goods to be installed in different areas, with the understanding that certified products will meet the needed standards throughout the US and many other countries too.

AMSE certification ensures skilled welds and quality metal fabrication. The certification mark goes beyond providing that an item is good, but that it meets nationally and internationally recognized standards. Welds meet criteria in thickness, application, and code standards. Materials pass BPVC, BPE, and RTP-1 compliance. Choosing and AMSE Certification is a trustworthy choice, for any project, find out more about these benefits with your local welding experts

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