Big Structural Steel Fabrication Projects, Big Equipment

Dec 29 2016


Large structural steel fabrication projects require a couple different components to properly be produced. You need to have a skilled team of fabricators that can interpret the blueprints and visualize the project. You need to have facilities that are equipped to handle the large footprint that some of these projects require. Finally, you need to have the proper equipment.

The fabrication of large-scale structural steel projects requires a host of specialized and large pieces of equipment. Not too long ago a completely different lineup of equipment was used. Thanks to advancements in technology, we now have equipment that performs multiple tasks in the same footprint. This increases efficiency and productivity.  

Here is a rundown of some specific pieces of equipment that we leverage in our structural steel fabrication projects.

The Equipment

Beam line – A remarkable piece of machinery, a beam line enables sawing, shearing, drilling and punching on almost any type of structural steel profile from H & I channels through angles and flats to square and rectangular tubes as well as a vast array of welded configurations. In short, beam lines are one of the most versatile of machines when it comes to dealing with non-standard pieces of structural steel.

Press Brakes – A press brake is an important tool when it comes to bending a sheet of steel to certain angles with precision.  

Plate Bending Machine – A plate bending machine allows the quick formation of sheet metal into perfect curved, circular, or cone shapes. Different machines vary in speed and size of material it can bend.  The scope of your project will determine the size of plate bending machine will be needed.

The Products Produced

Used in various combinations, the above pieces of machinery can create an amazing assortment of industrial scale, structural steel products including accumulator towers, catalytic converters, structural canopies and digester covers as well as boiler stacks, mixing vessels, furnaces and steel stacks.

There is very little that these machines cannot do to a steel plate, angle iron, I-beam or other piece of structural steel. In short, if you or one of your engineers can imagine and design it, these machines operated by our skilled team can manufacture it – accurately, on time and on budget.

For more detailed information on the big equipment used to complete the big jobs of structural steel fabrication, please contact us at Swanton Welding Company Inc. We can be found online at or reached directly at 419.826.4816.

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