Metal Fabrication Shop Provides Five Specialized Services

Mar 08 2016

Swanton Welding is a diverse state of the art custom metal fabrication shop that offers a wide range of custom machining, welding and fabrication services. While many shops only have the space and equipment to take on one specific type of project, Swanton Welding operates five integrated divisions to cover all of your needs from the most basic production to structural and heavy fabrication. No other competitor in the area can offer you such a wide range of services.


Custom Work

Swanton Welding's custom fabrication division handles a wide range of custom fabrication projects including conveyors, chutes, hoppers, bins and other complex equipment pieces that are specific to your application. Our team of highly skilled fabricators uses the latest in welding and fabrication technology to bring you perfect pieces every time.

Structural Steel

The Structural Steel Division of Swanton Welding handles the building of all structural steel projects from entire buildings to platforms, handrails, stairs and walkways.   All of our structural products are designed with safety in mind and rated to meet your load and weight requirements.

Heavy Fabrication

While some shops have limited space and equipment for use in fabrication, Swanton Welding is capable of large scale custom metal fabrication projects of any size including industrial duct work, large scale storage silos and more. We have a dedicated Heavy Fabrication shop equipped with the manpower and equipment to take on larger projects without delay providing on time delivery with high quality.


Swanton Welding's CNC Machining services are here to help you with all of your precision fabrication needs. Whether it's boring and threading of parts, or filling high volume weldment orders, we will ensure you get the absolute best price for your materials and all of your parts will meet close tolerance specifications to fit your equipment. 


Of course, our fabrication shop wouldn't be complete without a full service blasting and paint shop to bring your products to the desired finish. Whether it's blasting, painting or powder coating you want, we are prepared to take you through the fabrication process from start to finish. No more worrying about shipping parts to multiple facilities to complete each stage of the production because we handle it all in house. 

With all five of these fabrication services intertwined into one company, Swanton Welding holds a distinct competitive advantage in the welding and fabrication industry. We keep costs low by investing in the most modern equipment to increase productivity and quality while cutting down on production time and waste. All of our materials are sourced at fair prices. We are capable of handling all of your production needs from start to finish to save you money and keep you from having to shop around for multiple vendors no matter how big your project is. So the next time you are looking for a welder or fabricator for your upcoming project consider Swanton Welding. 

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