Employee Spotlight – Meghan Feldman

May 23 2023

Swanton Welding Company was excited to recently hire an employee who is well-versed in human resources! Meghan Feldman was hired as our new human resources director this spring, and she brings a welcomed new energy to our company. Meghan has shown her skills in leadership and organization and we can already tell that she will be a valuable addition to our family here at Swanton Welding Company. With a passion for people and a wealth of knowledge, Meghan is willing to take on any challenge and is ready to work to make our organization even stronger from the inside.

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An Excellent Background

Meghan comes to us with an excellent education and a strong background in human resources. She has a Bachelor’s degree in business administration from Saginaw Valley State University in Michigan. After this, she pursued her Master’s degree in business administration with a concentration in human resources from Ottawa University. Meghan also holds a SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) certification, which is for individuals who are focusing on an operational role, such as policy building, and a PHR (Professional in Human Resources) certification, which certifies knowledge of U.S. regulations and laws in the workplace. These certifications demonstrate Meghan’s commitment to human resources and her dedication to hold herself to the highest professional standards. At Swanton Welding Company, we understand what it means to hold ourselves to high standards, and Meghan has shown us she not only supports us, but will hold herself to these high standards as well. 

Ready to Do What it Takes

Meghan looks at her new role at Swanton Welding as a great opportunity for career growth and to make a positive impact on our company. Meghan is able to use the skills she has as well as grow her knowledge. A family-owned local business like Swanton Welding is an excellent spot for someone who is focused on people. Meghan has already gotten right to work improving the human resources systems, policies, and procedures. With a fresh set of eyes, Meghan can take a great company like ours and make it run even better.

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Fitting Right in With Our Company Atmosphere

Meghan immediately commented on the positive vibe at Swanton Welding Company. She felt immediately welcomed and was impressed by the sense of community we have here. With a low-key, family-oriented positive atmosphere, a company of kindness has been noted by Meghan, making her excited to get to know everyone better. Meghan fits right in with the team at Swanton Welding Company.

Celebrating Our People at Work and Home

When Megan isn’t at work, she loves spending time with her dogs and taking care of her koi fish. Megan is an avid runner and enjoys working out and running, both on her own and with her dogs. She has a passion for staying healthy and living a healthy lifestyle. We are glad she is part of our team.

We at Swanton Welding are thrilled to have an expert such as Megan working with our team. Her leadership and organizational skills in human resources will make our company stronger. As we move forward, Meghan will take some of our older policies, systems, and procedures, and strengthen and streamline where she needs to, making us more efficient and creating a positive working environment for everyone at Swanton Welding. Swanton Welding IS its people, and valuable team members like Meghan are the very foundation that make the company great.


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