Laser Cutting: The Right Choice for Your Next Metal Fabrication

Aug 25 2016

Laser cutting machine.When it comes to cutting sheet metal, there are numerous methods to consider. Plasma, water, and laser cutters are all great choices and can make the metal fabrication process significantly more efficient.  While there are pros and cons to consider about each individual method, our goal here is to brag about the benefits of laser cutters in the steel fabrication process.

Great Metal Fabrication is Precise and Efficient

Steel sheet metal can often times be delicate, especially when it’s heated during the fabrication process. This can make it prone to warping, scraping and cracking during production. Using the optimal tools operated by the highest skilled fabricators for each step can help to minimize or prevent these issues from occurring.  The equation looks something like this.

Efficient and appropriate machines + Precision Cutting = less waste
Less waste = quicker production times, lower costs, happy customers

Laser Metal Cutting Is the Answer

  • Laser metal cutters are known for their precision; cuts made by lasers are so smooth and clean that frequently minimal production is required after cutting is complete. This is a tremendous time saver when deadlines must be met and can cut back on manufacturing costs.
  • Laser metal cutters are ideal for cutting medium thickness sheet metal (sometimes up to 1.5” thick) like stainless steel, mild steel or titanium
  • Laser metal cutters are highly efficient because they can be programmed to move from one metal to another quite easily. This factor also allows for the machines to accommodate cutting various thicknesses fairly easily. Minimal tooling is a time saver during the fabrication process.
  • Laser metal cutters are so precise because the laser can be focused so tightly. This means that there is a very small area affected by the heat at the time.
  • Improved technology involving assisted gas delivery allows for constant laser beam length, helping to deliver consistent cutting performance. Because the CO2 feed is constant, the laser beam remains unwavering. This means clean, precise cuts virtually every time.
  • Because of its efficiency laser metal cutting can increase efficiency, lowering costs by reducing man hours and eliminating waste.

When metal fabrication must be completed on a budget on strict timeline, it’s crucial to utilize the most efficient methods available for cutting. Needless mistakes, wasted materials, and complex programming add extra time and expense to any job order. The key is to make sure the so-called experts have the necessary forethought and experience to determine which cutting method will produce the optimal results for your design specifications.

At Swanton Welding Company, our machinists and fabricators can successfully use any precision cutting method to produce high quality results to meet your needs. With decades of industry experience, we can handle your laser metal cutting job with ease.  Contact us today to learn how.

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