Swanton Welding Services Clients from Coast to Coast

Mar 29 2016

Metal fabrication and assembly is a crucial part of many construction projects. If you are planning on undertaking a small or large construction or remodeling project then it is important to find a reliable metal fabricating and welding company near you. With three locations in the Midwest and the Southeast, Swanton Welding is primed and ready to assist you with all of your fabrication and welding needs.



Who is Swanton Welding?

We are an ISO certified metal fabrication company that specializes in heavy and custom steel fabrication jobs. We also specialize in the production of steel and structural fabrication tasks.  We aim to offer you the solutions you need for your custom fabrication projects and other metal-related tasks in an efficient and effective manner.

Our main steel-fabricating facility is Located in Swanton, Ohio.  Our Swanton shop contains some of the finest and highly specialized welding equipment available including heavy fabrication machinery. This facility uses the most innovative welding technologies available in a bid to provide exceptional steel fabrication and welding services to our clients.

Swanton Welding also has a Southeast facility in Griffin, GA. This facility offers residents and those nearby specialty services such as Robotic Welding and Trumpf Lasering, as well as quality custom fabrication services. This facility allows for our company to have a wider reach and assist a wider variety of clients.

On the other hand, our heavy fabrication facility handles large fabrication projects such as heavy conveyor systems, large ductwork, large railroad fabrications, clean air units, mining projects, some utility projects and more. With a structural division of 37,000 sq ft and a crane capacity of 120 tons, our Wauseon, OH facility is well equipped to fabricate, lift, move and ship material across the US (coast to coast).

Quality Services

Whether you are engaged in a small construction project or have a large building project, you will want to find a company that can handle a diverse range of tasks. Swanton Welding is more than up to the challenge. Some of the services we offer at Swanton Welding include:

  • Custom welding and fabrication services
  • Steel processing
  • Heavy fabrication
  • Painting and Blasting
  • CNC machining
  • Rolling and forming

Professionalism is Crucial

You have invested a lot of time, money and effort into your project, so you deserve the same dedication from your fabricating company. Swanton Welding Company has a dedicated team of highly trained professionals who will supply you with quality work within your set deadline.

Because our professionals understand the importance of communication they will discuss with you the complexities and requirements of your project.  We will review materials and processes with you and advise you on an ideal course of action. Open communication between you (the client) and our welding experts will eliminate any confusion and disappointment, leaving you satisfied at the end of the project.

If you are looking for a welding company that will partner with you in your project then consider hiring Swanton Welding. Our multiple strategic locations eliminate the need for huge transport costs as part of your overall budget. We are also renowned for completing a wide array of projects promptly by employing the best welders in the industry and through the usage of current technology and equipment. So whether you live in the Midwest, the Southeast, or elsewhere, call Swanton Welding today for all of your welding and fabrication-related needs.

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