Metal Fabrication: No Job Too Big; No Job Too Small

Oct 26 2017

Metal Fabrication: No Job Too Big; No Job Too Small

You can expect precision fabrication for all your projects from our team of experts – no matter how small the projects seem. There’s not a project too small for custom metal fabrication, from repairs to metal benches and rolling carts to welding mud flaps and bracing onto a truck. We specialize in small-scale metal fabrication projects such as customized I-beam brackets. We carve them using laser cutters, forming them to your precise design requirements. We also can create frames, angles, covers, clamps, pipe supports, mounting kits, grating, weldments, and more.

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Experienced welding companies should be able to handle any size project you may have. We can fabricate smaller pieces like brackets, if your large project needs additional fabricated inserts or add-ons. Doing this in-house saves you time and money, so don’t hesitate to inquire.

Small Part Replacements

Technology changes on a dime, but that doesn’t mean businesses have to upgrade with every new rollout. Do you have a piece that no one makes anymore? Bring in drawings and we’ll re-create it, providing you with spares – just in case. Older machines and devices don’t have to be tossed aside and hauled to the junkyard. Those pieces of equipment that have helped your business grow can be brought back to life with custom metal fabrication. Custom metal fabrication is an art, and we enjoy the craftsmanship that comes with working on smaller projects.

As a metal and steel fabricator, we work with many materials and projects in size and scope. We’ve tackled large scale projects like 1,500-ton floating cranes and structural steel accumulator towers in our heavy fabrication complex. However, Swanton also specializes in small piece projects, like when we provided intricate small parts for a salsa machine repair.

Download the Ultimate Guide to Hiring a Metal Fabrication CompanyWe recently added a Mazak VCN-530C to our production line, creating an opportunity to produce smaller machining pieces in house, eliminating the need for additional sub contractors on many of our jobs, and we pass that savings onto you, our customer.

Time is Money

Working with a team of skilled welders also means timely projects. Every day your business’s mechanisms are down means lost business, and lost business means lost money. Turnaround time matters to our team, and we do our best to get your equipment up and running as quickly as possible.   

Swanton Welding looks forward to building a lasting relationship with your company and providing excellent service and workmanship, reliability, and fair market pricing that can appease any budget. We’ll tackle any project, big or small; whatever your requirement, our diversified specialty steel fabricating shops can produce it. Please call us today to get a quote for your next customized project.

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