20 Foot Long Glass Furnace Project

Jul 24 2017

The skills of the Swanton Welding team were put to the test when they took on a support steel project and completed it in 30 days. A client came to us with the draft ...

The Importance of Large Ductwork

Jul 21 2017

Ductwork systems optimize the volume and direction of airflow an HVAC system manages. Large, industrial ductwork systems are responsible for improving air quality con...

How Access Platforms Are Made to Fit Industrial-Sized Storage Tanks

Jul 20 2017

Storage tanks come in all shapes and sizes. They hold everything from fuel to potable water and often stand tens or hundreds of feet in the air. An access platform is...

Fabricating Industrial-Sized Storage Bins

Jul 19 2017

Industrial-sized storage bins are massive containers that can hold several thousand pounds of weight. Fabricators craft these versatile and useful bins for a wide var...

The Process of a Powder Coating Line

Jul 19 2017

Powder coating eliminates the mess and imprecision of traditional painting processes. The liquid-free finishing process offers increased durability, colorfastness, an...

Fabricating Conveyor Belts

Jun 28 2017

Conveyor belts can move products down a straight line or take products over, under, and around obstacles within a facility. They can support products from underneath ...

Different Types of Access Platforms and Applications

Jun 27 2017

Access platforms give workers a temporary or permanent way to work at various heights. They come in a variety of configurations and are featured in jobs ranging from ...

The Benefits of Using a Powder Coating Line

Jun 22 2017

Powder coating is one of the most popular finishing techniques available for metal, plastics, and other materials. It is durable, cost-effective, and versatile.

Different Types of Support Towers

Jun 21 2017

Support towers allow industrial and manufacturing companies to work vertically as well as horizontally. A support tower can elevate bulk foods to reduce common insect...