Grand Opening of the N.D. Zeiter School Of Technology

Feb 12 2018

Swanton Welding is excited to announce their partnership with Swanton High School to open the N.D. Zeiter School of Technology.

Differences in Stitch Welding Versus Seam Welding

Jan 04 2018

A fabricated structural steel product is only as good as the weld that keeps it together. Not only is it important for an engineer to determine the proper weld to use...

Welding Carbon Steel to Stainless Steel

Jan 03 2018

Stainless steel can be the steel of choice for many applications, but when it comes to heavy fabrication, the cost of creating large pieces entirely from stainless ca...

Project Spotlight: Truck Dump Platform Project

Dec 27 2017

Building a massive metal device to lift semi trucks in the air and tilt them several degrees safely and securely is no easy feat. But Swanton Welding didn’t just fabr...

Reducing Costs Without Cutting Corners In Structural Steel Fabrication

Dec 22 2017

Companies are always looking for ways to increase profits and decrease spending.  But it is extremely important to save money where you can without compromising the q...

The Science Behind Painting

Dec 20 2017

Paint is the most commonly used material to protect steel and other metals.This is mainly done for two reasons; for appearance and for corrosion prevention. Why would...

Quality Control: Know Your Steel

Nov 30 2017

The absolute last thing you want in a fabrication project is for a steel structure to fatigue and fail. Quality steel could be the secret to successfully avoiding thi...

Your Essential Guide to Fabricated Storage Tanks

Nov 22 2017

The term “storage tank” has a remarkably broad definition. While it sounds simple enough, a storage tank will vary from person to person and industry to industry.  Cu...

The Coal Mining Industry Relies on Steel Fabricators

Nov 17 2017

Mining uses many different devices, from conveyors to elevator lifts. These mechanisms require strength and flexibility, which steel can provide. Here are some things...