Planning Your Custom Fabrication Project: Reduce Cost & Stress

Aug 30 2017

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Every aspect of a business requires proper planning. This principle is even more important when you intend to begin a welding and custom fabrication project. By allowing yourself time to properly schedule and plan out your project for time, materials, delivery, labor and cost, you can potentially save a lot of stress and headaches down the road.

Early Communication and Approvals

Once your fabricator has a purchase order in hand they can begin to shop for your materials and supplies by shopping their suppliers. If your fabrication company is on a rushed timeline they may only be able to obtain your materials from one supplier.  With a greater lead time, your fabrication company is able to shop their suppliers for the best price and you have the potential to greatly reduce the cost of your fabrication project.  

They can also make sure the products and material are in house and ready when it is time to begin work on your project. You need to factor in costs related to assembly, transportation, and logistics. It’s important to plan ahead so that your fabrication company can secure the right material for your project.  Rushed timelines and poor planning can lead to paying a premium in shipping and freight costs.

Helps You Meet Deadlines Without Panicking

Nothing will raise your blood pressure more than the realization that you are behind schedule. Rushed shipping charges on material and additional items like, belts, chains, etc, from other suppliers can become costly and become a nightmare logistically if any part of the supply chain breaks down or becomes backlogged.  By planning out and accounting for possible challenges, you and your fabrication company can decide on a timeline that meets the needs of your custom fabrication project and allows for it to be delivered on time and on budget.

Knowing the Right Codes

Consulting with both your engineer and your fabrication company when it comes to compliance is necessary to make sure your project meets all federal and standard guidelines for your project. By thinking about taking final delivery of your project before your project begins, you can plan timelines and variances for inspections by your fabrication company and if you chose a third-party inspector to make sure your fabrication project is delivered on your timeline and not held up by compliance regulations and or inspections.

Proper planning, thinking ahead and envisioning all possible scenarios of the project, is key to a successful relationship with your fabrication company. The earlier your fabrication company gets involved in the process the smoother the relationship and delivery will be. At Swanton Welding, we are here to guide you through the fabrication process to make it as easy as possible in order to complete your fabrication project on time and on budget.

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