Reducing Costs Without Cutting Corners In Structural Steel Fabrication

Dec 22 2017

Reducing Costs Without Cutting Corners Swanton Welding

Companies are always looking for ways to increase profits and decrease spending.  But it is extremely important to save money where you can without compromising the quality or integrity of the product.

Structural steel prices can vary widely. And it can drastically vary from just one day to another. Major construction projects take much more time than just a few days to complete, so steel prices can throw your budget and your entire project into a tailspin. However, there are steps you can take to reduce your budget without putting your entire project at risk.

Smart Design

The design and planning that goes into a construction project is one of the smartest and cost-effective ways to scale back spending. Strategical planning your project from the start can result on fewer components and labor. This will immediately begin to lower the price of the project. You can also reduce the overall cost of the project by applying value engineering. This means making changes to methods and materials you use while making no changes to integrity or appearance in order reduce the cost.

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Yes, it is important to finish your on time.  But finishing projects in a timely manner is just as important to making them as profitable. Rushing through projects can lead to a missed cost savings that were not anticipated might unexpectedly reveal themselves during a project. This is where proper planning comes in to play.

Prior to construction actually beginning, all parties should come together to develop a clear plan the project. It is important that all professionals involved are on the same page and can proactively discuss areas where costs can be reduced. Making a plan and sticking to it will ensure that important steps are not missed and that work doesn’t have to be redone when mistakes are made wile keep to the construction timeline. Starting a project without a p could also lead to wasted time and other resources for construction professionals that are uncertain of the necessary details to proceed. 

Pre-engineering & Fabrication

Traditional construction requires the majority of materials to be measured, cut, and fit on-site. This adds significant time to project deadlines in the event that unexpected errors occur. Structural steel framing can be manufactured and prefabricated in the warehouse and then partially assembled parts can be shipped to the job site, ready for installation. Steel can be fabricated with greater precision and efficiency off-site. Due to the ease of manufacturing, fabrication and steel installation, many construction jobs ultimately require fewer man-hours in the field. When production times can be cut, project deadlines moved up, and you save money.

Essential Estimating

Having a good and accurate estimate of the price of materials is crucial. Structural steel is normally priced by weight, so you must have a firm idea of what sections you're going to use and the meaning of the lettering of each structural section.

You might consider listing the materials in your design on a table complete with the type of section, the quantity used, the length of pieces, the total length required for each particular section, and the weight per linear feet. When you're finished, the addition of the last column will give you an estimate of how many pounds of steel are necessary for your project.

You also must consider the location of where the material is purchased and the quantity that is being purchased when you're estimating structural steel. Warehouse prices will generally apply to small orders, while mill prices will apply to large orders. These prices can differ significantly. Planning ahead can begin to add up to significant savings.

If your company is looking for ways to cut costs on a project without cutting corners, turn to the experts at Swanton Welding. Our experts will meet your budget with superior products. 

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