Why Steel is Preferred for Heavy Fabricated Water Tanks

Posted by Ken Brakefield

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When constructing a heavy fabricated water tank, there are many material options to choose from. Though they all have benefits and downfalls, steel is the most reliable material. It is strong, affordable, reliable, and environmentally friendly. Steel works at high performance levels and meets the requirements of most storage tanks. Here are the top seven reasons why steel is the preferred metal.


Steel tanks are resistant to the effects of corrosion and elements like heat or wind. If the steel is galvanized, it will be resistant to rust and corrosion, as well, and will not require any other coatings. Steel is a reliable metal and remains ductile no matter what the temperature. Steel is also fire-resistant and unaffected by UV rays. If maintained properly, a steel water tank can last over 30 years.


Some other materials that can be used for water tanks, like concrete, are likely to crack or break over time. Steel tanks can’t crack and won’t have any leaks. This durable material gives you confidence that no bacteria is forming in cracks, or that leaks are causing you to slowly lose water. These benefits keep your water in its place and free from contamination. Steel requires very little maintenance and minimal repairs.


Steel tanks are typically made specific to your needs. Other materials tend to be mass-produced and do not leave much room to customize the tank. Steel tanks can be fabricated to meet any height or diameter with different roof styles. Steel can also be painted, allowing you to customize the look of the tank. Paint options come in a variety of colors and work well with any design.

Low Cost

Steel water tanks last a long time and require very little maintenance. Over time, other materials will start to deteriorate, forcing you to spend money on repairs or replacing your tank system all together. Steel, itself, tends to cost less than other materials used, as well.


Since the steel is not prone to cracks or leaks, you can feel confident in the sanitation level of your water and tank. Nothing will be leached into the water – unlike with other materials. Because of this reason, hospitals and food processing companies are required to use steel water storage tanks.

Environmentally Friendly 

Steel is 100% recyclable, and most steel that is used to manufacture things like water tanks has come from recycled steel. Less of an environmental impact is good for all of us, and it can give you comfort knowing you are using a sustainable product and not further polluting the environment. Utilizing steel products helps to keep other materials out of our landfills.

Withstands Many Conditions

Steel is very structurally sound and can withstand many conditions. Extreme conditions like heat or freezing will not affect the structure of your water tank. Other factors, like natural disasters, should not affect the structure. Water tank fabricators use technology to weld and reinforce the durability of the tank, ensuring its safety.

Find Your Steel Water Tank Fabricator

When choosing a professional to fabricate your water tank, there are a few things to consider. Ask questions about the manufacturing of the water tanks and make sure they are using state-of-the-art welding techniques and technology. These fabricators can discuss the specifications of your projects and help you determine exactly what size water storage tank you may need.

Heavy Fabrication Capabilities

Swanton Welding specializes in heavy equipment fabrication and works with products like steel to create water tanks regularly. Their experienced professionals are ready to take your call and answer any questions you may have about the fabrication process. They will provide you with more information about utilizing steel for your water tank and help you with all your project’s needs.

Topics: Steel