Custom Fabrication and Welding News

Swanton Welding Open House

Posted by Steve Clymer on May 02 2018

Swanton Welding will host an open house and job fair on Wednesday, May 23, 2018 from 3:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.

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Swanton Welding: The Next Generation in Machining

Posted by Steve Clymer on Nov 06 2017


Ever-changing demands in the industry require advancements in machining processes and tools that can perform the job faster, better, and with more precision. We aim to stay ahead of the curve, getting the best equipment available to fill the needs of our customers. The newest addition to our machine arsenal is the Mazak VCN-530C, which addresses our most immediate and consistent machining needs.

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Wauseon Swanton Welding Heavy Fabrication Facility

Posted by Ken Brakefield on Sep 30 2016


The Swanton Welding Heavy Fabrication Facility is located just outside of Wauseon, Ohio.

The facility can handle small and medium sized fabrication, as well as large fabrication projects. The specialized features used for larger fabrication projects are overhead cranes and the large floor space.

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Swanton Welding Company: The Inside Story

Posted by Ken Brakefield on Sep 15 2016

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Company Overview

SWC is a metal fabricator specializing in custom metal fabrication, clean air fabrication, dust collection systems, sheet metal fabrication, and structural steel fabrication. We provide domestic and international service and offer an ISO certified production shop.

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Employee Spotlight: Chuck Morgan

Posted by Steve Clymer on Jul 26 2016

Chuck Morgan is many things; a Scout Leader, a volunteer, a parent along with being a valued Swanton Welding Company employee that has worked with the company for over 20 years. Currently, he is Vice President of Operations, with leadership responsibilities over the departments of sales, estimating, engineering, and manufacturing.

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Analyzing the Results of Your Procurement Project Accurately

Posted by Steve Clymer on Jul 13 2016

Taking a systemic approach to assessing the final results of a procurement project can help you identify the strengths and weaknesses in your approach to procurement, your vendors, and myriad other aspects of your business. Assumptions without a thorough analysis only lead you further astray, so it’s important that you investigate each of the four major areas we’ve laid out in our procurement project results scorecard. To help you understand what you’re looking for and what to expect, this guide to analysis will lead you through each area and it’s nuances:

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Employee Spotlight - Bill Zeiter

Posted by Steve Clymer on Jun 30 2016

Bill Zeiter is the plant manager at Swanton Welding and Machining Company (SWC) in Wauseon, Ohio. Having served in many different capacities throughout his time at the company and not only understands how it operates but also has the skills needed to manage and uphold high quality management strategies. To Bill, Santon Welding is more than a mere company. It is his family, his passion and his dedication. 

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Swanton Welding - Manufacturing Marvels on Fox Business News

Posted by Ken Brakefield on Jun 29 2016

Video Transcript:
[This is John Criswell. Welcome to Manufacturing Marvels.]

[Swanton Welding and Machining Company was founded in 1956 by George Kern. Serving the farming communities, the company never realized what the future would hold for this one-man weld shop. Under the leadership of George’s son-in-law Norm Zeiter, this one-man shop became one of the best-equipped custom fabrication shops in the Midwest and Southeast.]

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Swanton's Early Welding History

Posted by Ken Brakefield on May 24 2016

George Kern learned the craft of welding as an airplane mechanic while stationed in the Aleutian Islands with the Navy during World War II.  Once back home from the service, George recognized a need the local farming community had for welding services and launched Swanton Welding & Machining in 1956.  As a small welding shop, the company's focus was on equipment repair for farmers and small factory projects. After Kern put in three years of nearly around the clock work six days a week, it became a full time operation by 1959 in an era when welders faced plenty of competition.

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Swanton Welding Increases Automation with New CNC Drill Line

Posted by Steve Clymer on Mar 17 2016

Swanton Welding's production capabilities have just increased with the addition of a second Ficep CNC Drill Line. Our machine, the Ficep 1003 DDVB VanGuard from Italy, is one of only a few in the midwest. Considering just a short list of the machine’s key features is enough to prove that the addition of this machine will allow Swanton Welding's level automation, as well as our ability to serve our customers, to increase.   

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