Custom Fabrication and Welding News

Fabricating Conveyor Belts

Posted by Ken Brakefield on Jun 28 2017

Conveyor belts can move products down a straight line or take products over, under, and around obstacles within a facility. They can support products from underneath or attach to products from above for hanging purposes. Conveyor belts and the pulley systems that run them can only work as well as their individual parts. The fabrication process determines the capabilities, durability, and performance of the entire system.

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Conveyor Fabrication Project for a Diamond Mine in Madagascar

Posted by Mark Tschirhart on May 25 2017

One of the best parts of being a custom fabricator with the capabilities we have is working on projects that are sent to all corners of the globe for the most interesting of uses. This particular conveyor fabrication project was completed and shipped to the customer back in 2008.

Project Details

The end product was a tunnel belt conveyor for a diamond mine in Madagascar that moved mined earth approximately 2 miles over several peninsulas to the main land for processing. Swanton Welding fabricated 

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Custom Made Independent Brewer Grain Silos

Posted by Ken Brakefield on Mar 30 2017

A brewer grain silo saves you energy, time and money. It also helps you manage large volumes of grain better all year round. A brewer grain silo offers an environmentally friendly solution; it allows you to store wet brewer grains instead of discarding them into the environment.

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Conveyor Support Systems

Posted by Ken Brakefield on Mar 28 2017

In many ways, the primary factor determining the quality of a given conveyor system isn’t the conveyor itself, but the conveyor supports controlling the elevation and alignment of the conveyor. While some projects may only require a simple arrangement of floor supports, other applications may require combinations of floor supports, hangers, and wall brackets.

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Quarry Conveyor Systems Reduce Fuel Consumption

Posted by Ken Brakefield on Mar 23 2017


Mines and quarries thrive in moving huge volumes of material. The more rock or earth you move from the mining area to your processing plant the higher your profits. Earth movers and huge trucks are the first earth moving options. However, the fact that you have to fuel multiple engines and hire multiple drivers has an enormous impact on operational costs.

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Conveyor Systems Stretch the Limits of What's Possible

Posted by Ken Brakefield on Mar 21 2017

Conveyor systems offer organizations versatility in environments and logistical scenarios where other machines could not hope to fulfill a similar role. Leveraged properly, the humble conveyor can transform the way your business manages logistics and transportation in difficult situations, greatly enhancing efficiency and efficacy.

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What Is a Conveyor Crossover and What Makes a Good Design?

Posted by Ken Brakefield on Mar 16 2017

Footprint space around conveyor equipment can often be tight, but access to areas is necessary and has to be made accessible. It is often human error and the need for an employee to get to an area on the other side of a conveyor belt that causes the most abuse of basic safety rules. Without a crossover; accidents are inevitable. You need a conveyor crossover to implement safe crossings in your business, and it needs to be in the 'most needed' location.

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Telescoping Stackers, Radial Conveyors & Other Conveyances

Posted by Ken Brakefield on Mar 15 2017

When it comes to moving large amounts of extremely heavy material, there are no heavy machine tools that compare to the two known as telescoping stackers and conventional radial conveyors. These machines take a lot of abuse from Mother Nature and the operating environment. For this reason, they engineered and built for durability in the field as well as a long-term useful life. Both of these types of heavy equipment have their benefits and disadvantages over the other. Here is a quick rundown on the differences:

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What Are BioFuel Conveyor Systems?

Posted by Ken Brakefield on Mar 14 2017

Many utility providers are now faced with government regulations forcing them to move toward more environmentally friendly systems over the next three to five years. Utility companies are searching for ways to reduce their footprint without reducing the efficiency of their power production operations. One way to achieve this is through the use of biomass related fuels.

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Types of Conveyors in a Thermal Power Plant

Posted by Ken Brakefield on Mar 09 2017

A thermal power plant converts heat energy to electricity from heat sources such as steam and fossil fuels. Thermal power plants rely on conveyor transfer systems to transport coal and in some cases ash from the unloading point to the designated storage site. Depending on the site of the power plant and load capacity, you may need to employ one or multiple transfer systems.

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