Custom Fabrication and Welding News

Now is a Great Time to Have a Domestic Fabrication and Machining Partner

Posted by Ken Brakefield on Jun 30 2020

Metal fabrication is essential in a wide variety of industries across the country. However, some look abroad when needing custom equipment fabricated, structural steel, weldments, assemblies, and production fabrications. While partnering with a company overseas may cost you less up front, you may pay for it in the long run. This is especially true during a global pandemic.

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Project Spotlight: Fulton County Hospital Office Addition

Posted by Steve Clymer on Apr 20 2018


What does it take to support a four-story medical office building?

It takes structural steel, and a supplier you can trust to deliver a quality product on time at a competitive price.

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Differences in Stitch Welding Versus Seam Welding

Posted by Steve Clymer on Jan 04 2018

A fabricated structural steel product is only as good as the weld that keeps it together. Not only is it important for an engineer to determine the proper weld to use, but also the welding technique to implement. That can be a little trickier. 

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Steel: The Secret Ingredient to Summer Water Fun

Posted by Steve Clymer on Oct 30 2017

Steel is integral to creating a fun, safe place to play. One such location is a water park, where families and friends can kick back and relax, splash in the water, or experience exhilarating water rides – all of which steel makes possible. The next time you’re standing in line for your favorite ride, look up. The beams holding up the structure are steel, a substance that allows engineers to design more inventive and fun water park creations. Steel’s strength and durability give the engineers freedom to create newer, better, more exciting rides.

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Finding the Right Steel Detailing Company

Posted by Mark Tschirhart on Oct 27 2017

Steel detailing, the process of creating steel structure concept drawings, plays an important role in the construction industry. This process creates engineered drawings steel fabricators and erectors use that indicate size, orientation, and location in a three-dimensional space. These detailed plans allow the fabricator to build steel pieces per your design and make it possible for the erector to install the pieces on site. Steel detailing can provide drawings for an array of objects, including trusses and columns, used in building a variety of structures. Getting these drawings done correctly is crucial for a project’s success.

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Steel Fabrication Spotlight: 2-Solvent Separation Distillation

Posted by Mark Tschirhart on Sep 18 2017

Solvents play an important role in industrial manufacturing, processing, and certain lab applications. They can expedite or retard drying times, thin out solutions, clean/disinfect raw materials, and boost fuel performance. Custom distillation equipment gives companies the ability to separate crucial solvents for cost savings and workflow efficiency.  

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Choosing Custom Metal Fabrication Machine Guards

Posted by Mark Tschirhart on Sep 15 2017

Many businesses rely on efficient, safe, and performance-ready machines, including computer electronics, robotics systems, and mechanical equipment. Any company can lose time and money because of hardware malfunctioning and user-involved accidents. Choosing custom metal fabrication machine guards often prove invaluable in protecting machinery and workers from harm. Invest in the right kind of machine guard to avoid machinery-related risks.

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6 Common Pitfalls When Obtaining a Fabrication Estimate

Posted by Mark Tschirhart on Aug 31 2017

If you’re in the market for fabrication, it’s important that you start with a good idea of how to acquire an accurate estimate. If you set out with vague plans and not enough questions and answers, you’re going to fall into one of the many pitfalls of fabrication estimates. Whether you’re hiring a team for the simplest of welding projects or to produce cutting-edge technology, keep these six common pitfalls in mind.

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Planning Your Custom Fabrication Project: Reduce Cost & Stress

Posted by Mark Tschirhart on Aug 30 2017

Every aspect of a business requires proper planning. This principle is even more important when you intend to begin a welding and custom fabrication project. By allowing yourself time to properly schedule and plan out your project for time, materials, delivery, labor and cost, you can potentially save a lot of stress and headaches down the road.

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Custom Fabrication of Clarifiers

Posted by Mark Tschirhart on Aug 28 2017

Clarifier tanks are used in a variety of applications for wastewater treatment, creating clean drinking water, and removing mining sludge. Custom fabrication of clarifiers can lead to improved results for more efficient end-processes in water treatment. Custom-fabricated clarifier tanks can be designed and developed with your exact specifications and intended uses in mind.

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