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Why Paint Finishing is Important for Indoor Fabrication Projects

Posted by Ken Brakefield on Jun 08 2017

When creating indoor fabrication products, not much time is spent focused on the aesthetics. Nothing can ruin a design scheme more than steel or metal. Giving a paint finish to your fabrication projects allows you to choose a color that matches your design scheme, while still meeting your machinery needs.

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How Much More Durable is Powder Coating Than Paint

Posted by Ken Brakefield on Nov 16 2016

Since the 1950's, powder coating has become a popular process for both decorative and protective finishes in manufacturing. In fact, it is used in nearly every major manufacturing business today. These include furniture, architecture, automotive, and appliances. It is available in a large range of textures and colors.

The Process

In order to understand why powder coating is a better choice over wet painting, it is important that you know how it works. Organic powder is applied to the object in an electrostatic manner, which means it uses charged particles to paint a piece more efficiently. These pieces are metal parts that require the decorative and protective finish mentioned above.

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Sandblasting and Painting vs. Painting Alone

Posted by Steve Clymer on Aug 19 2016

The visual aesthetics and protective properties of a proper finishing for your metal fabrication project cannot be overvalued. As such finding the right paint, as well as the right method to apply it, is essential. You want your paint to look great, but you also want something that will withstand the battery and exposure your final product will encounter. That is where an examination and comparison of sandblasting and painting versus painting alone techniques can be helpful.

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Swanton Welding Purchases a Second Paint Booth

Posted by Steve Clymer on Mar 25 2016

Producing products of reliable quality while filling orders in a timely manner is a must for any successful welding/fabrication company. For this reason, we at Swanton Welding see a great deal of value in investing in high quality paint booths. A well-made paint booth can promote efficiency and improve consistency, allowing companies like ours to take on a broader range of jobs without sacrificing quality. Our recent purchase of a second Global Finishing Solutions Paint Booth will allow us to present even more viable options to a continually burgeoning consumer market.

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