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How Access Platforms Are Made to Fit Industrial-Sized Storage Tanks

Posted by Mark Tschirhart on Jul 20 2017

Storage tanks come in all shapes and sizes. They hold everything from fuel to potable water and often stand tens or hundreds of feet in the air. An access platform is a must-have feature to provide workers with fast and safe access to the tank’s roof and access points. High-quality metal fabricators create industrial tanks and platforms together to deliver a seamless fit and fast turnaround times.

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Different Types of Access Platforms and Applications

Posted by Ken Brakefield on Jun 27 2017

Access platforms give workers a temporary or permanent way to work at various heights. They come in a variety of configurations and are featured in jobs ranging from utility maintenance to grain processing. A steady and well-fabricated access platform can give workers confidence and reduce the likelihood of workplace injuries and equipment damage. Companies must often consider the use case before choosing one type of access platform over another.

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Fabricating Structural Steel Stairs and Platforms

Posted by Ken Brakefield on Jan 13 2017

Structural steel platforms and stairs are used in essentially every commercial building of any height in the United States. Fabricating them takes a combination of technical skill, the proper tools, and a good deal of practical experience. There are many ways to manufacture the end product, but here is a quick rundown on how the best structural steel companies process their fabrication projects in order to ensure that it runs as smoothly and as cost-efficiently as possible.

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Simple & Complex Steel Platforms

Posted by Steve Clymer on May 12 2016

Steel platforms can transform your company’s work space. Their installation can allow your workers to move more efficiently while granting them easier access to equipment and utilizing space more effectively. Rugged and durable, steel platforms are able to withstand the demands of the work site while keeping workers safe.

Custom platforms can be built to fit with your unique project needs by offering you control over features such as tread, OSHA guidelines, ergonomics, and height. Of course, the level of optimization possible depends upon the competence of the welding/fabrication company you hire to produce your platforms.

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