Custom Fabrication and Welding News

Fabrication Resources in the Midwest

Posted by Ken Brakefield on Jun 25 2020

When you think of the midwestern United States, a few things come to mind. A strong work ethic, great hospitality, and beautiful wide-open spaces. Of course being America's breadbasket is an important aspect, but the Midwest also plays a huge role in the country’s manufacturing industry.

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Finding the Right Steel Detailing Company

Posted by Mark Tschirhart on Oct 27 2017

Steel detailing, the process of creating steel structure concept drawings, plays an important role in the construction industry. This process creates engineered drawings steel fabricators and erectors use that indicate size, orientation, and location in a three-dimensional space. These detailed plans allow the fabricator to build steel pieces per your design and make it possible for the erector to install the pieces on site. Steel detailing can provide drawings for an array of objects, including trusses and columns, used in building a variety of structures. Getting these drawings done correctly is crucial for a project’s success.

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Quality Assurance and Structural Steel Fabrication

Posted by Ken Brakefield on Dec 13 2016

Structural steel can be found almost everywhere. Bridges, skyscrapers, parking garages, and even residential buildings make use of structural steel. Steel is an uncommonly hardy material with unmatched pound-for-pound load bearing capacity, but quality assurance is still a vital part of structural steel fabrication. 

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Welding Efficiently Without Sacrificing Quality

Posted by Mark Tschirhart on Nov 03 2016

Improving fabrication efficiency will always have a direct impact on your profit margins. Consequently, you can afford to offer your clients competitive prices without affecting quality of work or time to delivery. Finding the perfect balance between efficiency and quality is key to keeping your clients happy and your return on investments fixed.

The welding costs and time until delivery will always depend on a set of fixed factors.

  • The complexity of the weld
  • Welder skills
  • Welding material
  • Welding consumables and equipment
  • Overhead costs

Most of these factors will cancel out if you outsource from a professional fabricator. The economies of scale let the commercial welding companies procure the equipment and consumables at a better cost. Once you combine this with the possibility of running an automated production line, it will make your overall production costs low.

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Building Strong Vendor Relationships

Posted by Ken Brakefield on Jun 23 2016

Undervaluing the importance of relationships in business is, perhaps, the most consistent major mistake companies make across all industries and fields. We are social creatures—and once you consider the ways close relationships can benefit individual people, it should become painfully apparent how strong relationships can similarly benefit businesses working together.

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How To Measure Quality In A Metal Fabricator

Posted by Steve Clymer on May 17 2016

At Swanton Welding we take pride in providing high-quality, fully-customizable welding and fabrication services which are designed to meet each one of our customers’ needs. In order to maintain this level it is necessary to identify certain standards of quality, including:

  • The workmanship and certification of our employees
  • The equipment we use
  • The extent of customization abilities  
  • Excellent customer service
  • Asking the right questions
  • Using only the best materials

These are just a few of the ways we measure quality here at Swanton Welding.

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How to Ensure Consistent Quality and Happy Customers

Posted by Ken Brakefield on Mar 11 2016

Producing quality workmanship and consistency in business is essential to acquiring and maintaining a loyal customer base. The metal fabrication industry relies and thrives on their propensity to be the viable solution for numerous businesses that rely on customized machinery to aid in the overall function and efficiency of their company.  If expensive equipment is failing, profit margins are quick to decrease spelling trouble and frustration for owners and their employees.  To establish good business practice and guarantee customer needs are met, certain points must be emphasized and utilized within a fabrication shop's procedures. Below are a few key suggestions that, through application, can ensure you warrant success and customer satisfaction when providing specialized fabrication services.

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