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Safety Precautions When Loading and Unloading Silos

Posted by Ken Brakefield on Apr 12 2017

While silos help solve storage challenges on different industries, they also expose workers and other farm users to security risks from grain handling equipment. The risks include explosions and fires from grain dust accumulation and respiratory or skin infections. Suffocation also puts workers at risk, with many workers collapsing in the line of duty.

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What Type of Agricultural Silo is Right for You

Posted by Ken Brakefield on Mar 01 2017

Silos ensure your farm meets its bulk storage needs, helping in the storage of grains and fermented feeds. Silos also come in handy in the storage of alternative fuel sources such as solid animal waste for biogas production. When selecting a silo, you can either choose a vertical or horizontal silo depending on your farm’s needs.

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