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Becoming an Industry Leader. What does it mean?

Posted by Steve Clymer on Jun 10 2016

Industry leaders are companies that have set themselves apart from the competition. They are innovative, adaptable and adept at providing high quality products and services to their clients. Becoming an industry leader certainly is not easy, and it all starts with taking a very active role in your company. Taking your company to the level of leader involves:

Meeting Demand

Manufacturers have to respond to fluctuations in demand while balancing inventories. Leaders know how to manage and improve their response to demands by analyzing their company's strengths and weaknesses. Industry leaders don't take orders that are too difficult to fill. Instead, they take projects that fit their specialty, equipment and workforce.

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Inside the Process of Steel Detailing

Posted by Ken Brakefield on Jun 09 2016

Steel detailing is a critical and multifaceted step in the process of constructing anything made out of steel be it buildings, industrial plants, bridges, elevators, air handling units, and non-building structures.  The structural engineer and/or architect conceives an idea about a project and puts this on paper in a general way.  These drawings could also contain items linked to mechanical systems which pertain to the fabrication of the steel members.

Next in the steel detailing process, the steel detailer takes these design drawings and transforms them into meticulous diagrams for each steel piece.  He produces drawings and plans for the making and erection of steel members such as beams, trusses, columns, braces, stairs and handrails, metal decking and joists.

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