Custom Fabrication and Welding News

Capabilities for Facility Expansion and Retrofitting Existing System

Posted by Ken Brakefield on Jul 29 2020

Large, experienced steel fab shops are becoming less and less common. Swanton Welding can deliver the very best in custom structural steel fabrication. Instead of trying to conform your project to some cookie-cutter, off the rack metal fabrication and heavy fab, we have the capability of customizing the project to your exact needs with complete project responsibility and shorter lead times.

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New Specialty Rolling Capabilities

Posted by Ken Brakefield on Jul 15 2020

At Swanton Welding, we take pride in meeting your exact specifications when it comes to custom metal fabrication. We pair our exceedingly experienced fabricators with top-of-the-line equipment. This is just one of the many ways we proudly put our best foot forward no matter what job we’re doing.

Our metal rolling and forming services recently improved dramatically with the acquisition of a Davi MC4P11, the industry-standard when it comes to metal rolling and forming. Italian-made from the same region that produces Lamborghinis, Maseratis, Ducatis, and Ferrari. Quite frankly, Davi-produced equipment performs up to those same "Made in Italy" standards.

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Now is a Great Time to Have a Domestic Fabrication and Machining Partner

Posted by Ken Brakefield on Jun 30 2020

Metal fabrication is essential in a wide variety of industries across the country. However, some look abroad when needing custom equipment fabricated, structural steel, weldments, assemblies, and production fabrications. While partnering with a company overseas may cost you less up front, you may pay for it in the long run. This is especially true during a global pandemic.

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Fabrication Resources in the Midwest

Posted by Ken Brakefield on Jun 25 2020

When you think of the midwestern United States, a few things come to mind. A strong work ethic, great hospitality, and beautiful wide-open spaces. Of course being America's breadbasket is an important aspect, but the Midwest also plays a huge role in the country’s manufacturing industry.

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Family Time Is The Best Time

Posted by Steve Clymer on Oct 11 2018

4-H is a community of more than 100 public universities across the US that help provide interactive experiences for kids through “doing”. Hands-on projects are a must in any 4-H program, as any teacher will tell you that kids learn more when they are immersed into a subject.

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Swanton Welding's IRONMAN Doug Binkley Does It Again

Posted by Mark Tschirhart on Oct 04 2018

Swanton Welding would like to congratulate Doug Binkley on another successful IRONMAN race.

This past weekend, Doug tackled his longest race yet. A 142.2-mile journey through Chattanooga, Tennessee. This total distance was split between 116 miles on the bike followed by running a full marathon of 26.2 miles. Unfortunately, the swimming leg of the event was cancelled due to heavy rainfall in the area making the Tennessee River unsafe to swim.

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Winning Like A Girl

Posted by Mark Tschirhart on Sep 20 2018

When you think of the dirty and mud-covered hills of the motocross sport, you can typically see riders competing and doing stunts wearing helmets. You may think that it’s only boys in this sport but there is a bright blonde ponytail under the helmet of one rider from Swanton.

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Advantages of Swanton Welding’s New Press Brake

Posted by Ken Brakefield on Aug 23 2018

Technology is forever changing and opening up new opportunities for Swanton Welding to bring new products and processes to our fabrication methods. This is evident in equipment we use in our main facility in Swanton, Ohio, our heavy fab facility in Wauseon, Ohio and in Griffin, Georgia.

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Swanton Welding Featured in Fulton County Video

Posted by Mark Tschirhart on Jun 22 2018

Swanton Welding's Main facility and Heavy Fab facility are located in Fulton County.

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Swanton Welding Open House Feat. on WTOL

Posted by Steve Clymer on May 21 2018

Swanton Welding was featured in a segment on WTOL's Your Day at 9. Swanton Welding's Bill Zeiter and Jason Fagerman were interviewed by WTOL's Amanda Fey about Swanton Welding's Open House May 23rd at the Heavy Fab facility in Wauseon, Ohio. Both Bill and Jason have been with Swanton Welding for over 20 years.

They were on hand to discuss welding, fabrication, and career opportunities available at Swanton Welding's Main and Heavy Fabrication facilities in Ohio.

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