A Look at Custom-Fabricated Structural Steel Beams

Apr 17 2017

Custom fabricated steel beams for furnace project.

Custom-fabricated structural steel beams are the backbones of many buildings. Poorly fabricated custom beams can compromise the integrity of a structure, while carefully constructed steel beams complement even the most unique applications.

With the right team of welders, your project will come to life with beautiful, detailed, and incredibly strong custom structural beams. Next time you need steel beams for construction, consider custom fabricated.

What is a Custom Fabricated Beam?

A custom-fabricated steel beam is one a welder creates to meet the unique demands of a single project. A metal fabricator creates custom steel beams by reading and interpreting engineering diagrams and blueprints. Using the latest mechanical and fabrication software, the fabricator will create the beams according to specific requirements. Then, using tools ranging from torches to state-of-the-art technologies, the fabricator will warp the steel beams into different shapes to suit unique specifications.

Custom-fabricated beams are ideal for highly specialized needs and demanding engineering requirements. They can accommodate even the most exotic requests with safe, reliable, and high-quality solutions. Welding companies make custom-fabricated beams to suit particular requirements and building designs. They are the structural beams of choice during the build of complex, unusual, and extraordinary architectural designs. With custom fabrication, the options are almost as limitless as your imagination. Projects that need something a little extra, special, or 100 percent unique count on custom fabrication.

How is Custom Fabricated Different Than a Standard Rolled Beam?

Standard rolled beams are structural steel beams created according to universal standards of size and shape. Traditional beams come in a variety of sizes, all of which use standard dimensions. Engineers use standard rolled beams for unexceptional applications in which basic I Beams, channels, angles, and plates will fulfill structural needs. They don’t use these beams when they need unique shapes and sizes because they can’t customize standard rolled beams.

Custom metal fabrication has many benefits over standard rolled beams, including the beauty and craftsmanship of handmade metalwork. Custom metal beams stand out, making an aesthetic impact on any project. Custom steel beams are guaranteed to fit your project and specific needs since a fabricator creates them for you. Standard rolled beams are created with a “one size fits all” mentality. Deciding which type of structural beam is right for your project takes discussing your needs with a reliable team of welders.

When Are Custom-Fabricated Beams Used?

Another benefit of steel is its flexibility. An experienced team of welders can shape steel in numerous ways to match creative architectural designs. Custom-fabricated steel beams are ideal for cutting-edge modern builds, creating a more open environment by conserving space. They are the beams of choice for engineers today, for use in anything from residential and commercial projects, to constructing museums and historical preservation work.

Ornamental rails, steel beams and columns, caged ladders – any build project can benefit from custom-fabricated structural steel beams. Building teams rely on a structural steel beam fabricator to create solutions for challenging custom projects, such as arched roof trusses, curved beam guide rails, cantilevered canopies, and more. Whatever project you have in mind, a talented team of welders can custom fabricate the structural beams that are ideal for your needs.

Be vigilant on your search for a welding company for custom-fabricated steel beams. Ask for contractor credentials and look at prior projects. Custom structural beam fabrication may not seem complex, but to create strong, dependable beams, a welding company needs to follow a proven procedure. To order custom-fabricated structural steel beams from a reliable, highly experienced welding company, contact Swanton Welding Company, Inc., for a free quote.

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