Why Work With a Custom Structural Steel Fabricator?

Apr 17 2017

structural steel fabricator Swanton Welding created Steel Beams Piled for Transports

Structural steel fabricators in Ohio know that structural steel is one of the most widely used materials in construction today. Infallible strength, unparalleled flexibility, and long-lasting durability make structural steel an excellent material for a variety of applications.

Nearly every modern industry uses structural steel in some capacity, from commercial building foundations to airplanes. Working with a custom structural steel fabricator who has structural steel capabilities gives you the benefits of both organizations under one roof.

What is a Structural Steel Fabricator?

A structural steel fabricator is someone who creates structural steel pieces typically for construction or heavy-duty projects. There is a high skill level to be able to work with structural steel. While these projects are massive in size and scope, it's the precise work of a structural steel fabricator that can make or break your structural steel fabrication project.

Some fabricators work on a beam line or in painting. Others have experience in welding and fitting these large pieces together.

What is the difference between structural steel and steel?

iIt is all in the carbon. Structural steel has a higher carbon content making it harder and giving the steel more strength. This is why you will see structural steel used in construction and structures that require a heavyweight or load. On the other hand, mild steel can be used for a variety of purposes. Because it is more moldable than it's higher carbon counterpart, mild steel is what is used in more shaping and forming. While still strong, it can be molded and formed into many shapes and sizes.

Eliminate Wasted Time With A Structural Steel Fabricator

Working with more than one vendor for your project can lead to time-consuming delays, miscommunications, and other frustrations. Multiple vendors being on different pages is what leads to costly delays in many construction projects. During any construction process, time is money.

Working with just one structural steel fabricator reduces timelines and helps your project stay on track – and on budget. Cut the amount of time and effort you put into your vendor acquisition in half by looking for just one company that does it all.

Save Money With A Structural Steel Fabricator

Many expensive problems can occur when a project is split across vendors. A single source can make the entire experience more convenient and less susceptible to issues. When your structural steel fabricator can meet the demands of your order quickly and efficiently, you save money. A custom structural steel fabricator with ample production space, a wide range of tools, top-tier technologies, and the ability to fulfill your needs without delay will improve your project’s bottom line.

Enjoy Design Freedom

Partnering with one company for equipment fabrication and structural steel applications gives you more architectural freedom. Custom structural steel fabricators create myriad solutions for your specific design needs, allowing you to individualize your equipment. Working with a structural steel fabricator gives you access to custom steel components, making it easy to enjoy full customization without the hassle of finding multiple vendors. When you work with a company with high-tech design capabilities, a sufficient range of metals, and a broad scope of production capabilities, you can make any pending project a reality.

Have a Stronger Vendor/Buyer Relationship

Working with just one provider for equipment fabrication and steel construction lets you develop a closer relationship with your vendor. Instead of splitting your time and attention between multiple companies, you can get to know just one on a deeper level. This benefits your project by giving you a closer ally during your project. One vendor can get to know you, learn your individual needs, and offer better fabrication advice. Supporting just one vendor opens the doors to more in-depth customization and a lifelong partnership you can benefit from again and again.

Benefit From Better Customer Service

Exceptional customer service is an excellent reason to work with just one vendor for custom fabrication and structural steel. This eliminates the potential of having to work with a company that’s not up to the same customer service standards to which you are accustomed. It can be difficult to find vendors you trust, get along with, and want to support. Finding multiple vendors that fit this bill is a task many buyers find impossible. When you work with the same vendor for all your building needs, you never have to worry about finding a brand you can like again.

Custom Structural Steel Fabricator for Structural Steel Fabrication Projects

Not all custom fabricators also have a structural steel division. Not all structural steel fabricators provide custom fabrication of equipment. Swanton Welding, Inc., is a custom structural steel fabricator that provides both solutions under one roof. With more than 60 years in the industry, Swanton Welding has expanded our services to accommodate a wide variety of needs, including heavy fabrication, custom welding, structural steel, rolling and forming, steel processing, painting, sand blasting, and more. We pride ourselves on being an all-in-one solution for a variety of clients and industries. To get started on a project, contact us today.

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