Employee Spotlight: Project Manager, Kody Kessler

Dec 14, 2017 6:03:00 AM

Kody Kessler Swanton Welding

Key qualities of a successful project manager include integrity, vision, enthusiasm, competence, composure and team building. Swanton Welding project manager, Kody Kessler, embodies all of these traits and many more.


Kody began at Swanton Welding 19 years ago.  He worked his way from the bottom up, starting as a draftsman and working his way up to becoming an engineer.  His hard work and determination have paid off.  Over the years Kody was handed more and more responsibilities. He rose to the challenge each time to become the project manager he is today.

The Early Bird Gets the Worm

Kody likes to arrive to work bright and early each day. He uses the quiet time before others arrive to complete various tasks and go over important details. With that work complete, he can give his attention to daily questions and concerns from clients and employees, contributing to the overall success of Swanton Welding.  "I feel as a project manager at Swanton Welding we are kind of like the center of the wheel,” says Kody. “We are one of the few employees of the company that are involved with all the other areas of the business. 

Communication Multitasker

Kody prides himself on his ability to balance completing his own work while keeping his Swanton Welding customers happy. Each day presents new opportunities and challenges, which is why he likes the varied nature of his job.  He's able to work on a project in the office, meet with his customers in the field, or go into the shop area to check on a job that's being completed.

Kody is the grease that keeps the Swanton Welding Machine moving, from customers to shop to delivery. He takes customer orders and brings them to life by making drawings, compiling materials, and putting together a plan to make the project as cost-effective as possible while not compromising quality.

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Kody also works closely with his customers. With his previous experience as a draftsman and engineer, he is able to explain details and outline the process it takes to complete fabrication projects. This helps his customers stay up to date on the project and informed on timelines.

Kody says to communication is key to maintain balance and to get it all done. By being that communication liaison between the customer and the production team, he's able to keep projects running smoothly as they progress through Swanton's fabrication and paint teams and onto final inspection and delivery.

Projects To Be Proud Of

Kody has been a part of numerous projects throughout the years. He has spent the most time working in Swanton Welding’s truck and production department. Kody enjoys the projects from start to finish.

The custom truck beds are mounted on a raw chassis, and then Swanton mounts components on trucks. The amount of thought and preparation that has gone into the process over the years impresses Kody greatly. “To manage the schedule and be sure that we have inventories of parts available to keep the process going,” says Kody. “This has been and continues to be the ongoing project that I am most proud of in my time here at Swanton Welding."

The Future

Despite a waning interest in pursuing welding and steel fabrication as a career field, Kody says the future is bright for Swanton Welding. Kody feels the company is ahead of the curve when it comes to attracting and retaining qualified metal fabricators.Download the Ultimate Guide to Hiring a Metal Fabrication Company

"At Swanton Welding, we are constantly trying to maintain and increase our workforce of qualified employees to help us complete fabrication needs for our customers,” says Kody. “We are proactively trying to accomplish the main goals of our customers. Providing a quality product, on time, for a competitive price.” He feels the company’s experience, work ethic, and location make it a great place to fulfill customer’s fabrication needs.

 Swanton’s Great Team

Kody considers Swanton Welding much more than a place of employment. He considers the company family and feels that makes his job easier.  "Everyone in the company is there for each other and able to help get the job done," says Kody. He also credits his co-workers’ years of experience for the company’s success.  He says that experience helps Swanton Welding attract a wide variety of fabrication jobs in many different areas of manufacturing.

Kody spends as much time as possible with his family when he’s not on the job. Kody, his wife, and two daughters enjoy spending as much time outside as possible swimming, riding bikes, and walking. They also enjoy practicing softball to prepare for games over summer break.

 The family’s fondest memories are going on family vacations and taking in some interesting parts of the country and to the Caribbean to soak up some warmth to get them through the cold winters in Ohio.

When the weather forces them inside and they can’t get away, the Kessler family battles it out over board games. They also spend time together reading, watching TV, and have been known to tap into their imaginations with some good old-fashion play time.

Swanton Welding is proud to have Kody Kessler as part of our team. His willingness to juggle multiple tasks makes him a valuable part of Swanton Welding. Kody is always willing to go above and beyond for Swanton's customers and to get the job done.  We thank you for all of your dedication and hard work.


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