Family Time Is The Best Time

Oct 11, 2018 8:03:00 AM

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4-H is a community of more than 100 public universities across the US that help provide interactive experiences for kids through “doing”. Hands-on projects are a must in any 4-H program, as any teacher will tell you that kids learn more when they are immersed into a subject.

The Opdycke family in Williams County was recently featured in Farmland News, a local publication in the Archbold, Ohio area. Children Abbi and Robert take part in many 4-H activities and their projects are heavily featured in the article. Their father, Jeremy is a Machinist in Swanton Welding’s Heavy Fabrication facility in Wauseon, Ohio.

Abbi has raised and shown poultry at the Williams County fair including, chickens and turkeys. But has also featured and competed cake decorating. Next year, Abbi is taking two lambs in addition to her turkeys.

Robert has participated in the chicken catch at the fair winning more than the actually allowed quota. He also is more on the crafty side and is especially proud of a fish he painted in addition to some sand art and decorating his 4-H Fair Booth last year.

Their dad, Jeremy, has been busy creating a safe space for their growing farm animals and recently created a barn for the animals out of some recycled material from his grandfather’s barn, that was torn down. The barn houses chickens, rabbits, and sheep.

Swanton Welding wishes Abbi and Robert good luck at next year’s Williams County fair.

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