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The Impact of Automation and the Fabrication/Welding Industry

Posted by Mark Tschirhart on Aug 21 2017

Automation is increasingly impacting many industries as today’s businesses grow within the digital age. Such industries include fabrication and welding. Many are worried about jobs being replaced by robots. Rapid advancements in artificial intelligence drive fears that truck drivers, customer service representatives, and automotive workers will find their jobs at risk. Will robots take valuable jobs because they can perform repetitive tasks more efficiently than their human counterparts? The answer is more complicated than a simple yes or no. Here are some key ways in which robotics will impact the profession.

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Profiting From Lights Out Manufacturing

Posted by Ken Brakefield on Apr 21 2016

Lights-out manufacturing is now becoming a common concept with more and more factories automating most of the production process. Even though few manufacturers have realized a truly independent automated system, the existing levels of automation are enough to allow robots take over those late night shifts or replace the bulk of the human employees during them.

The ‘lights out’ philosophy draws its name from the fact that robots don’t need light to work. With the proliferation of intelligent automation equipment and control units, more business are in a position to maximize production by employing the lights out manufacturing philosophy.

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Swanton Welding Increases Automation with New CNC Drill Line

Posted by Steve Clymer on Mar 17 2016

Swanton Welding's production capabilities have just increased with the addition of a second Ficep CNC Drill Line. Our machine, the Ficep 1003 DDVB VanGuard from Italy, is one of only a few in the midwest. Considering just a short list of the machine’s key features is enough to prove that the addition of this machine will allow Swanton Welding's level automation, as well as our ability to serve our customers, to increase.   

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