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Water Tank Fabrication and the Parmigiani 4 Rolling Machine

Posted by Ken Brakefield on Oct 06 2016

Constructing welded steel water tanks is a highly specified process, and must be accomplished while meeting very strict standards set in place by the American National Standards Institute and the American Water Works Association. Corners can’t be cut; safety standards can’t be compromised; quality materials shouldn’t be sacrificed to save money. If these irresponsible fabrication choices occur, the products, and those depending on them, are put at risk. Manufacturers who utilize the best tools, with the most skilled fabricators, can help to ensure that every project is completed with excellence and high standards.

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Metal Rolling With Excellence: 3 Factors For Success

Posted by Steve Clymer on Oct 04 2016

Metal rolling and bending are highly specialized, multi-faceted processes that almost all metal products will undergo at some point in their fabrication and choosing a fabricator to make this happen is a decision that should be carefully considered. Not all fabricators or formers will produce exceptionally high quality metal forms simply because they say they can. It takes a combination of the right tools and the most skilled fabricators to successfully form metal into a wide range of circular forms for a diverse range of applications. When the right combination is found, metal rolling can increase production rates and provide close control over the fabrication process.

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Metal Rolling With Precision: Why It Should Matter To You

Posted by Steve Clymer on Aug 16 2016

Metal Rolling, the process of reducing and unifying the thickness of metal, is an art form. Although the work is done with the help of highly specialized machines, the task is still a multi-step process that requires skill, dexterity, and forethought from the operators. With the right combination of equipment, skill, and metal materials, a boundless list of highly adaptable and superior products can be created and used.

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Swanton Welding’s New Parmigiani 4-Roll Plate Bending Roll

Posted by Ken Brakefield on Mar 31 2016

Most welding companies have a plate bending machine at their disposal. These machines are intended to form metals into round or conical shapes. However, some varieties of plate bending rolls do a better job of forming that shape than others. Parmigiani’s 4-roll plate bending machine is the finest plate roller available on the market today. The purchase of this exceptional product has improved Swanton Welding in a number of ways. Here are a few of its advantages:

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