Custom Fabrication and Welding News

Grand Opening of the N.D. Zeiter School Of Technology

Posted by Mark Tschirhart on Feb 12 2018

Swanton Welding is excited to announce their partnership with Swanton High School to open the N.D. Zeiter School of Technology.

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Finding the Right Steel Detailing Company

Posted by Mark Tschirhart on Oct 27 2017

Steel detailing, the process of creating steel structure concept drawings, plays an important role in the construction industry. This process creates engineered drawings steel fabricators and erectors use that indicate size, orientation, and location in a three-dimensional space. These detailed plans allow the fabricator to build steel pieces per your design and make it possible for the erector to install the pieces on site. Steel detailing can provide drawings for an array of objects, including trusses and columns, used in building a variety of structures. Getting these drawings done correctly is crucial for a project’s success.

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Swanton Welding Is Now an Approved Structural Fabricator for ODOT

Posted by Ken Brakefield on Jul 28 2017

We have some exciting news to share here at Swanton Welding.

As many of you know, two of Swanton Welding’s facilities are located in the State of Ohio. We are now an approved structural fabricator with the Ohio Department of Transportation. This approval means that the hard-working team at Swanton Welding will now be able to contribute to projects related to the transportation infrastructure in Ohio.

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Local Company Searches for Talented People to Join Growing Team

Posted by Ken Brakefield on May 04 2017

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We Introduce Our New Sales Manager Mark Tschirhart

Posted by Steve Clymer on Nov 17 2016

At Swanton Welding, our 60-year history of serving our customers with the highest level of workmanship, expertise, and professionalism speaks for itself. We happily represent the men and women that put hard work into our company each day. They consist of many gifted, hardworking individuals who bring their very best to what they do.

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Swanton Main Facility Video

Posted by Ken Brakefield on Oct 04 2016


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Wauseon Swanton Welding Heavy Fabrication Facility

Posted by Ken Brakefield on Sep 30 2016


The Swanton Welding Heavy Fabrication Facility is located just outside of Wauseon, Ohio.

The facility can handle small and medium sized fabrication, as well as large fabrication projects. The specialized features used for larger fabrication projects are overhead cranes and the large floor space.

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Swanton Welding Company: The Inside Story

Posted by Ken Brakefield on Sep 15 2016

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Company Overview

SWC is a metal fabricator specializing in custom metal fabrication, clean air fabrication, dust collection systems, sheet metal fabrication, and structural steel fabrication. We provide domestic and international service and offer an ISO certified production shop.

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Key Components for Your Metal Fabrication Estimate

Posted by Ken Brakefield on Aug 29 2016

Massive projects require proper and intricate planning. Cost estimation is usually a core aspect during the planning process. At the same time, you will have to clearly specify the needs of the project, especially if it will involve specially crafted elements like structural steel or sheet metal. Thanks to the use of current technology and machines, large scale metal fabrication projects are now more cost-effective than in the past. However, despite the reduction in metal fabrication costs it is still important to properly estimate the cost of your project. You can largely determine your estimate by considering the following factors:

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What does a Heavy Fabrication Facility look like?

Posted by Ken Brakefield on Aug 26 2016

Heavy fabrication facilities, like the one operated by Swanton Welding, are mammoth buildings containing heavy equipment and large teams of dedicated workers. They are used for the kinds of projects that smaller fabrication companies cannot even attempt to accomplish: huge products that test the skill and knowledge of the fabrication team charged with their creation. If you want to understand what makes these facilities so special you need to take the time to learn about the equipment and personnel they utilize. Here are a few examples of the kinds of elements you would find during a visit to Swanton Welding’s heavy fabrication facility.

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