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Reducing Costs Without Cutting Corners In Structural Steel Fabrication

Posted by Steve Clymer on Dec 22 2017

Companies are always looking for ways to increase profits and decrease spending.  But it is extremely important to save money where you can without compromising the quality or integrity of the product.

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Your Essential Guide to Fabricated Storage Tanks

Posted by Mark Tschirhart on Nov 22 2017

The term “storage tank” has a remarkably broad definition. While it sounds simple enough, a storage tank will vary from person to person and industry to industry.  Custom fabricated storage tanks can be designed and built to contain organic liquids, non-organic liquids, vapors, or solids. These custom tanks are specifically designed and built with a customer’s need and usage in mind. Industries where storage tanks can be found are typically industries consuming or producing good, liquids, and or vapors. Industries like petroleum either in producing or manufacturing petroleum, chemical engineering and or manufacturing, and the agriculture industry for bulk storage. 

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Steel: The Secret Ingredient to Summer Water Fun

Posted by Steve Clymer on Oct 30 2017

Steel is integral to creating a fun, safe place to play. One such location is a water park, where families and friends can kick back and relax, splash in the water, or experience exhilarating water rides – all of which steel makes possible. The next time you’re standing in line for your favorite ride, look up. The beams holding up the structure are steel, a substance that allows engineers to design more inventive and fun water park creations. Steel’s strength and durability give the engineers freedom to create newer, better, more exciting rides.

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Finding the Right Steel Detailing Company

Posted by Mark Tschirhart on Oct 27 2017

Steel detailing, the process of creating steel structure concept drawings, plays an important role in the construction industry. This process creates engineered drawings steel fabricators and erectors use that indicate size, orientation, and location in a three-dimensional space. These detailed plans allow the fabricator to build steel pieces per your design and make it possible for the erector to install the pieces on site. Steel detailing can provide drawings for an array of objects, including trusses and columns, used in building a variety of structures. Getting these drawings done correctly is crucial for a project’s success.

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Metal Fabrication: No Job Too Big; No Job Too Small

Posted by Steve Clymer on Oct 26 2017

You can expect precision fabrication for all your projects from our team of experts – no matter how small the projects seem. There’s not a project too small for custom metal fabrication, from repairs to metal benches and rolling carts to welding mud flaps and bracing onto a truck. We specialize in small-scale metal fabrication projects such as customized I-beam brackets. We carve them using laser cutters, forming them to your precise design requirements. We also can create frames, angles, covers, clamps, pipe supports, mounting kits, grating, weldments, and more.

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4 Myths Busted when Selecting a Custom Metal Fabrication Company

Posted by Mark Tschirhart on Sep 27 2017

As a purchasing manager, you will spend a lot of time evaluating outsourcing manufacturing facilities trying to find the perfect fit for your business. Selecting a custom metal fabrication company takes time and a unique understanding of the sector; you need to consider factors such as quality, on time delivery, and price. The decisions you make influence the operations of the entire company.

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Choosing Custom Metal Fabrication Machine Guards

Posted by Mark Tschirhart on Sep 15 2017

Many businesses rely on efficient, safe, and performance-ready machines, including computer electronics, robotics systems, and mechanical equipment. Any company can lose time and money because of hardware malfunctioning and user-involved accidents. Choosing custom metal fabrication machine guards often prove invaluable in protecting machinery and workers from harm. Invest in the right kind of machine guard to avoid machinery-related risks.

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How Much Detail Do My Drawings Need for an Accurate Estimate?

Posted by Mark Tschirhart on Aug 29 2017

It can be tempting to take initial drawings to a fabrication company for an estimate. Perhaps you are looking for a general idea of what a project might cost or you are against a deadline and need to get something for your customer to review.

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Ways to Drive Down the Cost of Your Fabrication Project

Posted by Mark Tschirhart on Aug 23 2017

There is no doubt that one of the main components of any fabrication project is the cost. The material, labor, and shipping of these fabricated components to their final destination are all factors in the project investment.

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Conveyor Fabrication Project for a Diamond Mine in Madagascar

Posted by Mark Tschirhart on May 25 2017

One of the best parts of being a custom fabricator with the capabilities we have is working on projects that are sent to all corners of the globe for the most interesting of uses. This particular conveyor fabrication project was completed and shipped to the customer back in 2008.

Project Details

The end product was a tunnel belt conveyor for a diamond mine in Madagascar that moved mined earth approximately 2 miles over several peninsulas to the main land for processing. Swanton Welding fabricated 

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